Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate marketing has been growing in strength since the 90s. No surprise really as it’s a way to make money with very little effort. We have all heard of the “Super Bloggers” who make a healthy income, but it’s not always for their incredible writing skills. It’s because they have affiliate links and a large audience. How many times have you visited a website only to have offers for online courses, Ebooks or discounted products pop up?

Of course, the biggest marketplace in the world is Amazon selling upwards of 400 million products in the USA alone which makes it the perfect place to start for the affiliate beginner

So, how does it work?

· Firstly, you need to sign up to the Amazon Associates Program. You can choose from over a million products, earning up to 10% commission. It really is that simple, it’s absolutely free and you can have your first affiliate link within 24 hours which you can use on your blog or website.

· Joe Bloggs visits your website and sees the link selling something he wants to purchase. Clicks on it, triggering a cookie on his computer.

· Once the purchase is complete. Amazon can then track that cookie back to the Affiliate and credit the sale to them. This is easily visible on the reports Amazon provide showing all the traffic, sales and commission for that particular link.

· The best part-At the end of each month Amazon send you a payment of commission for all the sales referred by your link.

That’s how to get started, you are now officially an Amazon Affiliate Beginner, but how do you turn it into a profitable venture?

Choose the right product-If your blog or website is about photography, for instance, it’s not going to work having links to gardening products or hair-straighteners. Relevancy is key here, choose something your followers have an interest in.

Traffic-The more people who visit your blog/website the greater the chance of more people buying one of the products you are marketing so it is important you get the word out there share your page on Social Media, Forums, Write guest posts with links back to your site. anything to get more eyeballs on your page.

Amazon provides side-bar banner links but it is also important to have links in your content. Returning to the photography theme say you write a blog preferably a list (We all love lists for some reason) The Top Ten Cameras of 2016 and have links to them all in that blog, believe me, you’re going to make some commission. Not only will your followers click on the link but there is something comforting knowing other people have bought the same. This tactic also works well with reviews.

Finally: Mix it up don’t depend on the same products, check out seasonal trends, niche markets, Bestsellers. Consumers are constantly changing and so must you.

A lot of people make a lot of money using the Amazon Affiliates Program and if you follow all these tips, there’s no reason you can’t be one of them.


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